Lavanya is building a hyper functional ecosystem that joins together service providers with users.

Who We Are

Lavanya Plus has built an online ecosystem and digital platform that addresses the health, care and wellbeing needs of service users and service provides, as well as governments and local authorities. This ecosystem will focus on building a social network model, ensuring WellnessManagement for Life for all. Choosing Lavanya Plus empowers members to maintain the lifestyles that they wish and to create social networks around them, connecting care within communities.

Our Vision

We want to create an excellent quality of life for all.

Dignity - Self-worth - Well-being - Value - Purpose

Why Lavanya?

Lavanya is meeting the desires and needs of the modern population by helping individuals lead the independent lifestyles they wish to live. Within Lavanya we are creating long-term partnerships with healthcare and wellbeing service providers in order to create an ecosystem that will encourage a fulfilled, healthy and happy population. Through our WellnessManagement for Life programme, we are enabling the population to gain access to personally tailored services in an economical and timely manner. Our software will help service providers gain greater control and management of their businesses, and the online marketplace will give access to a large customer base - both of which will encourage an increase in their revenues at lower cost. This is why we have innovated care solutions to produce WeMa Life.

Lavanya is building a hyper-functional ecosystem that joins together service providers and users. Initially focused on pre- and post-clinical health, care and wellbeing services, Lavanya challenges the health industry to innovate itself to become more focused on a preventative rather than cure orientation. Lavanya believes that empowering individuals to self-manage their own healthcare by making heath and wellbeing services visible, people will be able to maintain healthy and fulfilled lifestyles for longer. We believe that the future of healthcare is intertwined with our increasing dependency on technology - which is why we have created this new technology enabled care solution. We believe that Connecting Care within Communities, enabled by technology, is essential to modern WellnessManagement for Life.

Our focus’ mean that you can trust our market platform.

Connecting Care within Communities will not only connect individuals with their service providers, but with others in their local communities through the social network functionalities within WeMa Life. We believe that this will create strong and fulfilled local communities.

Our focus on technology enabled care means that WeMa Life is available on multiple technology platforms, making access for both service providers and users easy and simple. We also host multiple payment methods to suit all needs.

Meet Our Team

What once was a personal concern has become a passion for the whole team. We perceived a need for innovation and change within healthcare. We believe that our innovation bridges the gap between the modern reliance on technology, and health, care and wellbeing needs of an expanding elderly population. For the first-time, services are easily accessible through user-centric technology and local social networks through WeMa Life.

Rohit Patni


Rohit is an entrepreneurial and commercially mature senior executive with over 25 years international experience at Director level in sales, business development and marketing. He has co-founded a number of IT and payments businesses taking them through start-up to eventual acquisition by leading industry players. Rohit is advising Lavanya Plus with its strategy, business and technology development in the UK and India

Rajal Patni


Rajal is a commercially focused Finance Director with a proven track record of over 25 years experience working with Board members and senior management within the Services and IT/Technological business sectors. She is focussing on maximising financial performance, securing funding and managing growth and profitability for Lavanya Plus. Rajal is a trusted leader and mentor guiding teams with passion and skill.

Vivek Patni


Vivek is a determined entrepreneur with a passion for innovation and personal development. With previous experience working within professional services and a degree in Biomedical Sciences from King's College London, Vivek understands the nuances of delivering high quality and bespoke recreational wellbeing services to Lavanya Plus Members and Service Providers. His focus is to accelerate business development and growth of the WeMa Life social network.

About Lavanya Plus

We strive to become the leader in driving the integration of Health and Wellbeing services through Mobile and Digital technologies. We have designed a Social Network Model for wellbeing by Connecting Care within Communities. This will ensure service delivery will never be a problem again.
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