WeMa Life Launch! - Digital Healthcare Exhibition 2017

We’re so excited about the glowing response to our launch of WeMa Life at the Digital Healthcare Exhibition 2017. So excited in fact, that I had sat myself in a dark corner of the exhibition hall to shout to the cyber web about it. Two days of enthusiastic, in-depth discussion with Government, NHS, Local Authority and Councils, and Private companies and individuals has shown just how useful this product will be in the market - we cannot wait to continue to develop our ideas and really make a positive change in this sector.

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What does the future of healthcare look like?

It’s clear, especially in light of the recent elections, that healthcare is often used as a political tool for politicians to win them seats. This means that for the everyday person its quite hard to follow exactly what's going on. It's enough to look at a newspaper, squint your eyes slightly in order to grapple with what it's trying to say, and then flip the page after less than a minute in dismissal.


We’ve heard about doctor strikes, a depleted supply of nurses, cut resources, and much more. We hear about healthcare all the time. No one can deny that public healthcare is increasingly becoming stretched thin. For politicians and policy makers the problem of healthcare is like a blocked pipe; swelling with water and about to burst, but everyone too terrified to try get closer to fix it in case it bursts all over them.


But what does it all really mean for individual wellbeing? 

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What are the political parties saying about healthcare?

With the upcoming election only a week away it’s on the minds of most Brits. The polls show that the gap between the Conservatives and Labour is narrowing (although given the track record with the accuracy of polls, I’m really not sure how wise it is to trust them). While a lot of people already know who they’re voting for, this election seems to have thrown a little spanner in the minds of many people. Some people seem genuinely stumped.

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This thing called diabetes, and how it can be prevented...

With diabetes being one of the biggest health issues of the modern world, it is never been more important to consider the causes of diabetes in order to prevent its increasing prevalence. While Type 1 diabetes is not lifestyle related whereas Type 2 diabetes is; 90% of people with diabetes suffer from Type 2. Researchers propose that this is linked to expanding waist lines and modern diet changes. Although being overweight doesn’t necessarily mean that a person will develop Type 2 diabetes, it is heavily linked. With two out of three individuals in the UK being over weight or obese, being over weight seems to be a massive problem with contemporary life.


But as Type 2 diabetes is linked to lifestyle, it means that it is preventable. Leading specialists argue that it is ridiculous that we are spending so much money on the symptoms of this problem, rather than tackling the root causes of it. Leading research suggests that diabetes is linked to bad diet, a sedentary lifestyle, smoking and drinking.

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Health and Social Care Digitally Reimagined

From the team behind Health+Care comes Digital Healthcare, the brand new event dedicated to digital transformation, healthcare re-imagination and promotion of interoperability of digital solutions in integrated healthcare.

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Care & Dementia Show

Care & Dementia Show is the largest and busiest care event in the UK dedicated to bringing you new products, services, inspiration and innovation to support you in improving the lives of those in your care and assist you in running your care business.

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About Lavanya Plus

We strive to become the leader in driving the integration of Health and Wellbeing services through Mobile and Digital technologies. We have designed a Social Network Model for wellbeing by Connecting Care within Communities. This will ensure service delivery will never be a problem again.
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