WeMa Life Brings together multiple social care and wellbeing service providers within a SINGLE ecosystem.

Wellness Management for Life

WeMa Life is Lavanya's online ecosystem that not only addresses the care, health and wellbeing needs of customers, but also the needs of service providers and local government. WeMa Life aggregates multiple service providers onto a single marketplace. This empowers customers to self-manage their health and wellbeing. People can quickly and securely search, book and purchase multiple services on a planned or on-demand basis, and in a single transaction. This is all manageable through a single and trusted ecosystem.

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The WeMa Life Experience

WeMa Life has a simple user interface. This ensures the booking of any service occurs in 3 simple steps. Our customer-centric endeavour to optimise the online experience connects customers with service providers seamlessly and simply. This philosophy of Connecting Care within Communities extends to our 360 degree feedback systems and across all customer facing operations.

How can WeMaLife help you?

  • Easy access to a large centralised market place through multiple technology platform - customer acquisition becomes completely inclusive and easy, which will result in reduced labour demands.
  • Multiple technology platforms will make around-the-clock communication between you and your employees simple and easy.
  • Employees can see where they need to be, and what jobs they are required to do, via the mobile app.
  • Access to a large customer market, which would have been otherwise unreachable.
  • Increased revenues.
  • Centralised marketplace will allow individuals to self-manage their care, and therefore relieve labour demands.
  • Individuals will be able to see all the various services they can utilise to maintain their wellbeing.
  • Creating an eco-system of service providers means that the needs of the population can be easily met.
  • Lavanya works to produce a preventative model of healthcare. This will produce long term cost reduction and a healthier, happier nation.
  • An easy portal for customers to book and pay for your services will ensure maximum customer satisfaction.
  • Access to a larger service provider market - which would have been otherwise unreachable.
  • Multiple payment methods to suit the needs of every service user.
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Simplifying payments

Lavanya is taking the responsibility of managing the complete end-to-end payment cycle.

WeMa Life manages the complete end-to-end payment cycle. All service providers will benefit from a centralised, secure and industry compliant payment process that aggregates all transactions. It settles funds directly to your accounts, all at low transaction fees.

Customers will also benefit from the ability to pay for multiple services in a single transaction through one-touch payment.

Pay using:

  • Credit / debit cards
  • Virtual pre‐paid (eWallet) accounts
  • Split payments – combination of credit/debit and pre-paid account
  • Setup recurring / subscription payments

About Lavanya Plus

We strive to become the leader in driving the integration of Health and Wellbeing services through Mobile and Digital technologies. We have designed a Social Network Model for wellbeing by Connecting Care within Communities. This will ensure service delivery will never be a problem again.
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