WeMa Plus – digital web and mobile enabled workforce automation platform.

  • WeMa Plus will help service providers automate the delivery of their services.
  • It gives service users instant access, and a direct method of online payment through a simple-to-use mobile app.
  • WeMa Plus becomes the underlying digital platform of choice for service providers who join WeMa Life.
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WeMa Plus

WeMa Plus-Manager is our management automation tool for service provider companies. Features include Appointment & Calendar Management, Finance, Management reporting and Dashboards, Location Monitoring and many more.

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WeMa Plus

WeMa Plus-Mobile has been designed for our Members and Providers as an end-to-end solution that supports all activity. This entails the initial stages when a Member books and pays for a service, to when the Provider completes the service. Features include real-time visit booking, report management, ratings & reviews, appointment & calendar management, friends & family access, social network, instant message communications and many more.

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About Lavanya Plus

We strive to become the leader in driving the integration of Health and Wellbeing services through Mobile and Digital technologies. We have designed a Social Network Model for wellbeing by Connecting Care within Communities. This will ensure service delivery will never be a problem again.
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