B2B HealthTech solution WeMa Care launches to market

London-based CareTech company Lavanya Plus has launched WeMa Care, a new B2B solution for HR teams.

WeMa Care is a new addition to the WeMa Solution, following the launch of the online care service marketplace, WeMa Life, in 2018.

WeMa Care enables employees to take an assessment to determine the care services required for either their own health and wellbeing or that of a family member. It then connects employees to the appropriate care providers.

The B2B offering connects employees to a wide variety of care services; from social care, such as elderly care, nursing care or dementia care, to health and wellbeing professionals, including chiropractors, physiotherapists and yoga instructors.

Global Payments Inc. (NYSE: GPN), a leading worldwide provider of payment technology and software solutions, already offers the WeMa Care solution to its UK employees.

WeMa Care helps employees to balance their professional duties with the responsibilities of being an informal carer. An informal carer is anyone who provides free, ongoing assistance to someone close to them – WeMa Care commissioned an independent survey of 2,000 full-time workers in the UK, finding that almost one fifth (18%) of them also provide some form of informal care to a loved one.

At present, 58% of these full-time employees say they struggle to balance their jobs with being an informal carer, with 88% saying their organisation currently offers no support for people in their position.

Half (50%) say their workplace performance is hampered by the fact they also act as an informal carer, while 49% have taken sick days and lied about the reason so they can care for a loved one.

Vivek Patni, CEO and co-founder of Lavanya Plus, said: “Employees’ health and wellbeing – both physical and mental – is of paramount importance to any organisation. However, when it comes to staff who require care or arrange this for someone close to them, the vast majority of employers (88%) have no policies or support structures in place. Lavanya Plus created WeMa Care to change this.

“My family founded the company following our own difficult experiences navigating the care sector whilst in full time employment; it was time-consuming and emotionally draining to find the best social care for a loved one. We’re committed to simplifying the process, making high-quality care accessible and straightforward – WeMa Care does this in the B2B space by combining care assessments with world-class service providers, ensuring employees get the support they need.

“This new solution will transform the way employers support their staff, whilst boosting productivity, staff retention and, importantly, employee wellbeing.”

About Lavanya Plus

Lavanya Plus was founded by Rohit Patni, Rajal Patni, and Vivek Patni. As a family trio, they were inspired to develop a digital CareTech solution after experiencing first-hand how cumbersome and emotionally draining it was to find and book reputable social care, health and wellbeing service providers for an elderly relative.

Central to these objectives is Lavanya’s flagship solution WeMa, short for Wellness Management, a scalable online, trusted and quality-controlled technology enabled care ecosystem that is available anytime-anywhere. The WeMa solution consists of two complementary functions; WeMa Care, the B2B CareTech platform, which connects employers to the care services their employees require, whilst WeMa Life connects care service providers with consumers via its online marketplace.

WeMa sits centrally within the digital care pathway and puts ‘people before tech’ to match individuals with the right and most suitable service providers that deliver their personalised care needs within their budgets. Whilst taking a person-centred approach, it uses digital tech to access, pay for and deliver these services resulting in real societal change by helping to Connect Care in Communities.

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