WeMa helps service providers and users to connect digitally in a regulated and compliant manner.

Connect to customers through WeMa Life.

Attract more clients, deliver more services, boost your revenues

WeMa Life is an online marketplace helping you to grow your business by connecting you to a wider community of customers seeking your services. 

Why Choose WeMa?


Reach More

Using WeMa Life you will have access to more customers, more online visibility and improved communications helping to build better customer relationships

Grow your Business

Our 3 step simple process helps providers to improve their business efficiencies, deliver more services and earn more revenue:

  1. List

  2. Serves

  3. Get Paid

Manage your bookings

Using WeMa Life, you can accept online bookings straight into your diary. Using our integrated business management tools, you can manage your availability, appointments, staff and clients with ease 

Simplify Payments

Your customers can securely pay for your services using:

  1. Credit / debit cards

  2. Recurring / subscription payments

Make your business more efficient using WeMa Plus. Change the way you manage your business, appointments, staff and customers


With WeMa Plus, care, health & wellbeing service providers can roster staff, arrange appointments, communicate with customers, accept payments, enhance efficiency and much more.

The tools available through the online portal and mobile app enables you to improve the management and delivery of your services.​

Alerts & Actions

Emergency communications and alerts between service users and providers to managers


Friends & Family Access

Allow friends & family to manage your customers appointments and have visibility of service history


Payroll management, accounting management, time and attendance recording


Real-time visit reporting and rating

Complete service notes in real time with task management. Service providers and users can rate one another

Email and Instant Message Communications

Email and IM communication between Manager, Service provider and Service user


Management Reports & Dashboard

Real-time, automated report generation for dashboard. Management reporting export function into Excel 

Staff Rostering and Calendar Management

Manage working hours and allocate service providers to use with ease


Secure Cloud Based System

Encryption of personal data and visit history. Compliant to new GDPR standards

The Business Management Software for all your needs

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